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World War Heroes Overview

World War Heroes is a game with the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre, which at a glance is similar to one of the popular FPS PC / console games, Call of Duty. As the name implies, this game has the theme of world war-style military combat. The development of increasingly sophisticated mobile device technology has made Game Development Ltd as the developer of World War Heroes dare to present games with top graphic quality! You can enjoy this high graphic support smoothly using an iPad and iPhone.

Players who use World War Heroes hack ios can immediately get unlimited gold and unlimited credits. You can use this convenience to buy rare weapons as well as upgrade them.

World War Heroes Hack iOS Feature

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☑ Unlimited Gold
☑ Unlimited Credits
☑ No Jailbreak needed
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Get World War Heroes Hack iOS

Newest Version History:
☑ Minor optimizations improvements

☑ iPhone (or iPad)
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Steady Connection (3G, 4G and WiFi)
☑ Allow your mobile to install profile manually (Approve unsigned app)

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World War Heroes The Rest

If you have previously played FPS Mobile games such as Crisis Action, Afterpulse, and Combat Squad, it must be admitted that World War Heroes is the winner when we talk about visual appearance! Do not believe? Please enter the settings menu in this game. There you can find a wide variety of graphic options ranging from Screen Resolution, Graphics Quality, Post Processing, Particle Effects, Textures Quality, Anisotropic Filer Quality, Weapon Quality, to Shadows Quality!

Feels like playing games on PC right? You can set all of these options from low quality (low) to the highest (ultra). Of course, not all devices can play this game smoothly at maximum settings. We ourselves have tried to compare World War Heroes when it is in low and ultra settings. The difference looks quite significant! You can pay attention directly to the picture in this article.

Turning to the gameplay, World War Heroes itself is actually not much different from FPS games in general. Modes such as Team Death Match, All Death Match, Bomb Mission, and Team Squad, you will definitely encounter before. What makes it a bit different is that this game has a Hardcore Mode where the attacks become twice as painful, and a Custom Mode where you can adjust the rules of the game at will.

You will have no trouble playing in this game if you already have unlimited money from World War Heroes mod ios. You can finish off all enemies easily.

Game Resources

◘ World War Heroes: WW2 FPS PVP
◘ Appstore:
◘ Azur Interactive Games (Russia)
◘ Released: Nov 09, 2017 (75.3K Ratings)
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◘-◘ Afterpulse – Elite Army
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