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Super Mario Run Overview

Super Mario Run is a way for Nintendo to present their mascot to the biggest audience today, namely smartphones.

Dozens of Mario games spread across various Nintendo platforms have demonstrated Nintendo’s expertise in developing a game title with different inputs, designs and ways of playing. Starting from Super Mario 64 which is Mario’s first 3D game to Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo can always use the assets or advantages of the platform used.

Super Mario Run itself is a Mario game made by Nintendo for other platforms that are not their creation. The platform we mean is the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android which will follow later. This step is the first step taken by Nintendo after Nintendo had released Mario Hotel on CD-I twelve years ago.

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Super Mario Run Hack iOS Feature

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Newest Version History:
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Super Mario Run The Rest

Nintendo managed to make a smooth translation from the gamepad used for side-scrolling, to a tap on the touchscreen in Super Mario Run. Of course, to keep Super Mario Run a little simpler, Nintendo made a few changes to the movement scheme. As a result, Mario always moves automatically to the right without needing to be directed. Amazingly, several other processes (jumping, stepping on enemies, and more) still function like the original Mario game. This simplification of control works well in general.

Most of our time will be spent on the World Tour, one of the three modes available. This mode is the same as the ordinary world that Mario goes through when saving Princess Peach. The World Tour is divided into 24 levels which are divided into six Worlds. You will be invited to visit various familiar locations, such as the Ghost Houses, Deserts, the Skies of Mushroom Kingdom, and Bowser’s Castle or Airships. This location has the exact same design as modern Mario games, and indeed the design style fits perfectly with its target market.

Super Mario Run is not an endless runner, each level is made and played like other Mario side-scrolling games. Run to the right, avoiding Goombas, Koopas, or other threats to reach the flagpole. In addition, Super Mario Run applies a fairly new formula, and may make it difficult for people who are used to playing classic Mario games.

The most noticeable replacement comes from Mario’s behavior when meeting enemies. Running towards the enemy won’t kill Mario. Instead, Mario will jump over the enemy. When jumping over enemies, Mario can jump very high. This change is quite strange, but acceptable considering that Super Mario Run is played with one hand.

This game also has a traditional life system that is present in Mario games, but instead of using the extra health count, Super Mario Run uses “bubbles” which will return Mario to a safe location. You can pop the bubbles at any time, but sometimes you end up going into the abyss again because of the wrong time you burst the bubbles. Apparently, Nintendo has to provide the option to manually pop bubbles so as not to ‘plunge’ repeatedly.

The only thing that is annoying in Super Mario Run is the need to be connected to the internet constantly. You need an internet connection when starting the game. And, every time Mario gets something or completes something, Super Mario Run immediately reports it to the server so that it requires an internet connection again. If you are not connected to the internet, or your connection has suddenly lost, then you cannot play or save game results.

Super Mario Run is a platforming game that is able to evolve platforming gameplay, which actually cannot be enjoyed on smartphones. Granted, some things aren’t perfect there and here, but Nintendo still provides the best for us. For those of you who like Mario and platformer gameplay more than anything else, Super Mario Run is a game that you must download and play.

Another advantage of Super Mario Run mod ios is that you can collect toads more easily thanks to the unlimited money you have. The toad is used for your kingdom which will be useful when you enter Kingdom Builder mode. This mode allows you to build your own empire. The player can buy buildings and decorations, which can be used to unlock other characters (Toad, Peach, Luigi, and so on), special levels, and much more.

Game Resources

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◘ Appstore:
◘ Nintendo (Japan)
◘ Released: Sep 07, 2016 (44.4K Ratings)
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