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1. PUBG MOBILE Overview
2. PUBG MOBILE Hack iOS Feature


This time I want to discuss the very popular mobile game. The game is PUBG mobile aka Players Unknown’s Battle Ground Mobile. This game has actually been very successful on the desktop version, but many fans of this game want this game to be played on smartphones.

Tencent, as the developer of this game, succeeded in fulfilling the requests of its fans and the PUBG mobile game was released for iPad, iPhone and Android. Releasing the PUBG mobile game is a very good breakthrough considering that currently mobile games are indeed more crowded than console or PC games. For those of you who like battle royal games and AIM games, I highly recommend playing this game PUBG mobile.

For those of you who want to play the PUBG Mobile game, you can download it on the playstore and also the app store. This game supports Android and ios devices. Relax even though your different devices can still play with your friends on the same server. Sometimes there are mobile games which, if different devices, cannot play together on one server. You can also play this PUBG Mobile game on PC using an emulator. However, if it’s on a PC, it’s better to just play the PC version.

The sensation of playing this battle royale game will increase if players use PUBG Mobile hack ios. By using it, you will get Unlimited Battle Points and Unknown Cash easily so you can buy the outfit and weapon skin you want.

PUBG MOBILE Hack iOS Feature

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☑ Unlimited Battle Points
☑ Unlimited Unknown Cash
☑ No Jailbreak needed
☑ Get the apps directly from your gadgets
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Newest Version History:
☑ Improve binary code

☑ iPhone (or iPad)
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Steady Connection (3G, 4G and WiFi)
☑ Allow your mobile to install profile manually (Approve unsigned app)

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The PUBG Mobile game is not much different from the PC version, so the sensation feels like what we played on the desktop version. We can also make male or female characters and can also buy clothes and weapon skins that will make your character even cooler. Features that are present on mobile such as daily login missions are a new feature that we won’t find on the PC version.

So for feature problems, you don’t need to worry about not being as exciting as the PC version because all the features on the PC are present in the mobile version even though some features have been adjusted considering we are playing using smartphones.

It’s still a matter of features, yes, for the problem of looting on PUBG mobile there is an automatic looting feature that can make those of you who don’t understand items can play calmly. This automatic looting feature adapts to the items we have. For example, we hold the M416 weapon, the automatic looting feature will help us choose the right grip, a suppressor so that we can reduce the sound of gunfire and also the 5.56 bullets that are specifically used for M416 weapons.

So this automatic looting feature is very helpful for those of you who are still newbies and don’t really understand how to choose the right item. The rest you can choose items according to your needs when looting.

It’s still a matter of features, yes, for the map business on PUBG mobile, you don’t need to worry, because the map in the mobile version is also very broad. For example, the Erangel, Miramar, and most recently Vikendi maps, which are quite wide, make this game even more exciting. There is also a map that is not that wide, namely the Sanhok map, for those of you who want to play quickly, you can use this Sanhok map.

The good thing in the mobile version is that we can see the map while running or walking which makes it very easy for us to see the map and monitor the surrounding area. If the PC version, we can’t walk while looking at the map.

The name is a battle royal game so the last one who survives is the winner of the game. At first, in 1 match we will have 100 players playing and we will be in one plane then we will free fall to loot. Looking for weapons so we can defeat our enemies.

Oh, yes, in this game there is a solo mode that we can play alone, a duo that we can play together with friends so we call it coop. There is also a group mode that we can play with our friends. In group mode there are four players in one team. I think it’s better to play solo because it’s freer and more adventurous.

If we play in groups, sometimes our friends are a burden, but teamwork is the key if we play in duos or in groups. Not all of these 100 players are human, so some are bots. Although there are bots, but not many. Developers provide bots so that newbies can quickly customize the game.

If all of them are human players, what will happen to newbie players who are not very good then meet players who have played frequently? If there are bots, newbie players can practice playing in the right way. The bot itself will decrease with the level of the player.

In this game there is also a zone which will get smaller according to the time system. We must always be in the safe zone so that we can survive to the end. If we are in the blue zone then our blood will decrease. Especially if the end zones are draining a lot of blood.

Control problems are also very easy and we won’t be bothered because the buttons to shoot are on the right side and also the left side so we won’t be bothered when we want to shoot. Button jumped, sat down and also lay down close enough to make reaching him a lot easier.

You can use Unlimited money from PUBG Mobile mod ios at will. You can buy new skins every week using these BP and UC. The appearance of attractive characters will make the game more exciting.

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◘ Released: Mar 17, 2018 (1M Ratings)
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