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Injustice 2 Overview

Injustice 2 is everything you’d expect from a smartphone port of the fighting franchise made by Netherrealm Studio and Warner Bros. Of course, it is equipped with glossy graphics and a very simplified control system to facilitate the limitations that the iPhone has.

Fortunately, everything worked out pretty well. There’s always a bit of complacency about seeing Batman slap a Green Lantern in the face, and various other battles. Even though this mobile game actually feels out of balance when compared to other fighting games or even the first Injustice.

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Injustice 2 Hack iOS Feature

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Newest Version History:
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Injustice 2 The Rest

In Injustice 2, you will control three heroes and a villain. They will be scattered in various eras and stories. So, you might be playing Batman from Arkham Knight against Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

All attacks are controlled by tapping and swiping. So, you can hit by tapping on the iPad screen, kicking it by swiping the screen, and beating the bottom of your enemy by swiping downwards.

To stay away from enemies, you can swipe backwards. Meanwhile, to run towards them, you can swipe to the front. There’s a button to block enemy attacks on the bottom left, and some special moves on the bottom right.

Each character has a super move indicated by the appearance of a super button at the bottom of the screen. By pressing this button, your character will perform a cool attack that will devastate your enemies, including the surrounding buildings.

You can swap characters quickly, which is done by pressing the portrait on the top left of the screen. Different characters will have different classes, and some of them will be stronger or weaker than other characters. Having a balanced team is the key to victory for you in Injustice 2.

The fights in Injustice 2 follow a slightly predictable plot. In the beginning, you will exchange blows, like dancing between each other. Then, you will activate a special attack and use it to hit your enemy as hard as possible. There are no special tactics in Injustice 2, other than HP management and understanding the strength of every superhero you use.

Actually, this mobile game might feel a little bland. It could be that this happened because Warner Bros. used a formula similar to the previous Injustice. Supposedly, they should deepen the strength of the superheroes who are included in Injustice 2, considering that Injustice always deals with superheroes who beat up for trivial reasons.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with Injustice 2. However, because everything feels like it has been formulated, the result of this mobile game is like running out of fuel before getting to their main idea.

In the end, Injustice 2 falls into the same trap as the rest of the DCEU world. They impose too much on the greatness of each superhero, so that it ends up feeling stiff and even poor in the story or main gameplay that is charming.

If you use Injustice 2 mod ios then you will get unlimited money. You can use this money to buy premium items that will help your character become stronger. You can buy the best gear without having to play the game too long.

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