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Hunter Assassin Overview

Welcome, Hunter Assassin. Your mission this time is to sneak into the heavily guarded warehouse, and kill all the guards one by one. Use various kinds of items that have piled up in the warehouse so that they are not seen by the enemy and do not get caught by them. Good luck!

Presented by Ruby Games and Assassin Studios, Hunter Assassin is a tactical stealth action game, where players play the role of a master assassin who usually operates under the shadows invisibly. You can play II games on iPhone or iPad. The enemies in this game are all armed with machine guns, can you kill them all without looking?

You can find various types of special characters in this game. You can use Hunter Assassin hack ios to get the Unlock All Characters feature. With this feature, you can immediately buy the type of character you want quickly.

Hunter Assassin Hack iOS Feature

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Hunter Assassin The Rest

With the view seen from the corner of the bird’s eye alias from above, the player controls the Hunter Assassin by touching it to the desired location to tell him to move in that direction. The enemies patrolling the location can be killed by touching them and making the Hunter Assassin approach them and then kill them. Kill all enemies in a location to complete the level and continue to the next location. Every time you kill an enemy, players will get a reward in the form of gems.

The enemies who were on patrol certainly did not remain silent. They used flashlights to search for intruders, and if the Hunter Assassin was highlighted by the flashlight, they would shoot him with a machine gun until the Hunter Assassin escaped, or died on the spot. In addition, when one of the enemies was killed near another enemy, they would hear the commotion and come to the scene to check what happened.

On the main screen of this game, players will be able to see 3 active quests. This quest varies, some are told to complete a level without being seen, complete 3 levels, kill 40 enemies, and so on. By completing this quest, players will get rewarded Gems. Once the quest is complete, there will be a new quest that will replace it immediately.

As already mentioned, Hunter Assassin appears cartoonish with a viewpoint from above. The artwork itself uses a cute cartoon that has minimal animation, there is even no animation of killing enemies, only being hit until it breaks into gems. The game is also quiet, just like when sneaking in a quiet warehouse, but if a player kills an enemy, there will be a sound effect that makes him startled, and can provoke other enemies.

This Hunter Assassin, even though it looks simple, turns out to be very exciting and fun to play. With dozens of levels provided and many Assassins to unlock, this tactical stealth action game is worth a try!

The fun thing is, players can also use Unlimited money from the Hunter Assassin mod ios to unlock new assassins at higher speeds. Besides that, there are also other types of characters with special skills.

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◘ Released: Sep 12, 2019 (311.5K Ratings)
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