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Draw Joust Overview

If you want to play Android games with absurd missions but keep your brain sharp, Draw Joust! could be an interesting option. Just introduced, Draw Joust! has become one of the popular games on Android. Draw Joust! this made by VOODOO really features an absurd but interesting mission to play.

Launched on April 7, 2020, Draw Joust! has been downloaded more than 10 million times in just a span of nearly two months. A very good record for a new game that can occupy the Top Chart on the Play Store and iPhone & iPad appstore.

This game is quite light because we only need to prepare 43 MB of memory to download it the first time. Just like the name suggests, we will be given a mission to do “Joust”. It was a kind of battle and sport for the knights of the Middle Ages, where they would face each other against horses traveling in opposite directions. There is no horse in this game, but we have to draw a vehicle instead of a horse in the “Joust” event.

Draw Joust hack ios features unlimited coins to unlimited ink. With these two elements, you can strengthen your ability to face enemies easily.

Draw Joust Hack iOS Feature

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☑ Unlimited Coins
☑ Unlimited Ink
☑ No Jailbreak needed
☑ Get the apps directly from your gadgets
☑ SSL Secured Apps

Get Draw Joust Hack iOS

Newest Version History:
☑ Aesthetic enhancements

☑ iPhone (or iPad)
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Steady Connection (3G, 4G and WiFi)
☑ Allow your mobile to install profile manually (Approve unsigned app)

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Draw Joust The Rest

Draw Joust! including Android offline games so that we can play them even though the data package is dead. The only obstacle in playing the game is that there are too many advertisements that are served when we complete 2 to 3 chapters.

Take it easy, we are asked to push the enemy or stab the enemy character so that they die and are slammed into the sea next to them. During the drawing phase, we will be presented with 4 special menus, namely Ink, Power, Health, and Offline Earnings.

To strengthen the four things above, we have to win a lot of games to collect Gold. In addition to winning matches, we can watch advertisements to increase Gold. The tips are very simple, you have to pay attention to the shape of the vehicle to the position of the enemy character.

You can draw and position a knife or weapon right at the enemy so that the enemy can die in a Critical position. But we can also draw vehicles as strong as possible by paying attention to and using the Power, Health and Ink bars.

The design of the vehicle you draw will determine victory in the arena. To move the vehicle when we meet an enemy, we only need to press and swipe to the right.

Draw Joust mod ios is useful in generating unlimited money. Use this mod to advance to a further stage.

Game Resources

◘ Draw Joust!
◘ Appstore: https://apps.apple.com/app/draw-joust/id1497532365
◘ Voodoo (France)
◘ Released: Feb 08, 2020 (102.1K Ratings)
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