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Dead by Daylight Overview

Good news for you horror game lovers, especially in the survival mechanism. Finally, Dead By Daylight Mobile, which has been waiting for so long, is released for the global version. This is an attempt by Behavior developer and Publisher NetEase to create a new feel for mobile gaming.

Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 multiplayer horror game where a psychopathic killer chases four friends in a terrifying nightmare. In this deadly cat and mouse game, you can choose to play the role of an iconic killer or try to survive a brutal ordeal.

Dead by Daylight mobile will be fully optimized and provide the same gameplay and game modes for fans of the game to enjoy, with new controls and experiences specially made for mobile devices.

Dead by Daylight hack ios features unlimited auric cells to complete your character collection and costumes. Use some new survivors and hunters to improve your gameplay.

Dead by Daylight Hack iOS Feature

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Get Dead by Daylight Hack iOS

Newest Version History:
☑ New variation release

☑ iPhone (or iPad)
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Steady Connection (3G, 4G and WiFi)
☑ Allow your mobile to install profile manually (Approve unsigned app)

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Dead by Daylight The Rest

This game tells the story of one killer who is satisfied to fight four victims who are all controlled by the player. As a Survivor, you will be challenged to walk around the map silently and avoid the Killer as much as possible. You are provided with a generator engine to turn on and function to open the gateway to freedom.

Each generator has a special alarm to alert the Killer to your location. You have to often use hiding places to avoid the death brought by Killer.

Killer’s task is to capture the Survivors and hang them on meat hooks to be sacrificed to several Lovecraftian beasts. Each Killer and Suvivor character here has different abilities.

This game is filled with famous horror characters, such as Halloween’s Michael Myers to Demogorgon from Stranger Things. Freddy Kreueger, The Gross Pug from Saw, and Ghostface from Scream are also present in this game.

They’re all here to wreak havoc and add variety to the game’s unique matches. If you want to try the latest games with this horror genre and survival mechanism.

Dead by Daylight mod ios generate unlimited money for you. Auric Cells is an in-game premium currency that you can activate on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Game Resources

◘ Dead by Daylight
◘ Appstore:
◘ Behaviour Interactive (Canada)
◘ Released: Jul 04, 2019 (13.6K Ratings)
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