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4. Call of Duty Mobile The Rest

Call of Duty Mobile Overview

Seeing Call of Duty move to the realm of mobile is like seeing a giant as high as a 100-story building swimming in the ocean. The ocean was wide, but the 100-story building was very tall. So no matter what, you will still see the giant even if you are far away.

As you know, Call of Duty is an FPS title developed from 2003 by developers under Activision. For the mobile version, Activision collaborated with Tencent who brought Timi Studio. The developer of Timi Studio itself is one of Tencent’s big studios that has succeeded in translating PUBG into smartphones.

Fans of this FPS game can now play it on iPhone devices, not a few players also play using iPad because of the wider screen support. For you ios users, you can use Call of Duty Mobile hack ios to get unlimited credits and unlimited CP. You can use unlimited CP to equip characters with a supply of lethal weapons such as the best sniper and pistols.

Call of Duty Mobile Hack iOS Feature

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Newest Version History:
☑ Fix app delay bugs

☑ iPhone (or iPad)
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Steady Connection (3G, 4G and WiFi)
☑ Allow your mobile to install profile manually (Approve unsigned app)

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Call of Duty Mobile The Rest

The first impression when playing Call of Duty Mobile came from the graphics. Although not spectacular, the graphics displayed by Call of Duty Mobile are above average. Even so, Call of Duty Mobile will kill all potato cellphones with Snapdragon 636 SoC and below. Yes, you read that right, Snapdragon 636 which was released 2 years ago, was not too strong when asked to lift Call of Duty Mobile graphics.

Call of Duty Mobile doesn’t follow any timeline. That’s why you will find various popular maps that were scattered in various Call of Duty titles. Another effect of this obscure timeline is that you get the most balanced combination of perks, scorestreaks, and loadouts.

Speaking of mode issues, Call of Duty Mobile will guide you in two main modes (at least until this review was written). The first mode is regular multiplayer, while the second mode is a battle royale taken from Blackout Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

The first mode will make you fight in various modes that were popular in the Call of Duty series. You can play in Frontline, Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy modes.

Frontline is a mode where you respawn at the same place every time. This mode is like dividing the area into two parts for team A and team B. Deathmatch is similar to Frontline, the difference is that your respawn will always move. Domination requires you to master a point until the game time runs out. Finally, Search and Destroy, which requires you to find a bomb or defend the bomb.

For Battle Royale mode, you will play using the Blackout format. That means there will be classes that you can choose from here. Each class has its own equipment. For example, Scout has a Dart Sensor to detect enemy presence on radar, and can see enemy footprints for a few seconds.

It’s incomplete to talk about Call of Duty without talking about scorestreaks and perks in the game. For scorestreaks, Call of Duty Mobile still includes UAVs, Hunter Killer Drones, Predator Missiles, and many more. These scorestreaks can be accessed when you manage to collect kills, without even dying.

In the perk section, Call of Duty Mobile still includes Persistence, Vulture, Hardline, and so on. This Perk will affect your ability in the game. For example, Persistence will double the need for scorestreaks, but instead these scorestreaks will not reset even if you die.

After discussing all the advantages and features of Call of Duty Mobile, now let’s discuss the drawbacks. The main downside of Call of Duty Mobile comes from their peer to peer server system. This means that if a lagging player enters the room you are playing, you will feel the lag which is quite annoying. You will go back and forth randomly when the player enters and plays.

Apart from these server weaknesses, you will also find that Call of Duty Mobile is still not separated between the emulator server and the mobile server. The result, you will find players who play like a mouse and keyboard when you play casually. This doesn’t seem to be the case in rank mode, because we feel an even level of ability when playing this mode.

Call of Duty Mobile is a very big game. This game is likely to shift or at least overshadow various other big games that often enter the esports scene. We really like this game and this game should be so dominant until finally EA launches Battlefield Mobile.

For loadout business, Call of Duty Mobile includes various popular weapons from the Call of Duty series. This is where the unlimited money from Call of Duty Mobile mod ios comes in

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◘ Activision Publishing (United States)
◘ Released: Jun 15, 2019 (1.1M Ratings)
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